Last year one of my New Years resolutions was to write at least one letter a month to a friend or family member. I realized how necessary this was when I asked a friend for his “snail mail address,” and he gave me his email. Is that what we have come to in the age […]

As I am my mother’s daughter, I cannot pass by a used book store or the dollar rack at the library without stopping to take a peek. And there is nothing that I love more than a library used book sale. I doorbust like a bride at the Filene’s Basement wedding sale and throw elbows […]

One of my most popular posts from the early days of Musings from Providence was a listing of my favorite episodes of This American Life. I initially thought of going back and updating the original post, now that we have had two and a half more years of Ira Glass – not to mention the […]

One of my duties at work in Austin was to compose blog posts for a number of ecommerce clients. I quickly learned that the same quippy prose that became a mainstay of Musings was not appropriate for all audiences… In my very first assignment, I was tasked with writing a blog post with the topic […]

I have always been impressed by my mother’s ability to name any plant or flower on sight, and our flower beds around the house were always bright and lush. For some reason, I have never had any desire to have a garden of my own. But next thing I know, I am hauling cinder blocks […]

Sometimes we all have some trouble making it through the day. For those pockets where inspiration is much needed, at least we will always have Beyonce. My primary complaint I have about the city of Houston (disclaimer: I have not made it through a Houston summer yet, so I am sure that soon HUMIDITY will […]

Like any good project manager, I like having goals that are very measurable, and I have a habit of turning hobbies as leisurely as reading into fierce sport (can you tell I don’t enjoy physical exertion?). For the past few years, I have been obsessed with Goodreads, the website where you can flag books on […]